Heartbeats of our Genome


Heartbeats of our Genome is a 360 degree 3D, stereoscopic computer-generated animation designed for viewing in an immersive headset such as Google cardboard. It demonstrates the fundamental process of gene transcription and shows how, despite each of our cells containing the same DNA, only a subset of this is available at any one time. It is narrative-driven and was created using authentic scientific data.

1. 360 degree, Stereoscopic version designed for viewing in an immersive head mounted display such as google cardboard.
2. Adapted animation, designed for viewing on a standard 16:9 screen
3. Adapted animation designed for viewing on immersive visualisation dome


DURATION: 3:05 minutes
ROLE: Animator, producer and director
MUSIC: Matt Parrott
VOICE: Mark Arrebola

SOFTWARE: Autodesk Maya with Domemaster3D (a suite of full-dome stereo and LatLong stereo production lens shaders for Mental Ray developed by Roberto Ziche and Andrew Hazelden) and Molecular Maya (a molecular structure plugin developed by Gael McGill at Digizyme). Compositing was carried out in After Effects with Mettle Skybox Studio2 plugin and Red Giant Magic Looks suite.

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