Garvan Galleria: Molecular Wonderland



Garvan Galleria – Molecular Wonderland was a collection of six animations, designed to be projected at large scale inside the foyer of the Garvan Institute of Medical Research. The two main projection spaces included 1) a timber wall 4mx7.5m and 2) the underside and outer surface of the iconic spiral staircase that sits in the cavernous space of the Garvan Institute foyer. The projections were planned for a private function that celebrated the important research endeavours at Garvan, and served as a thank you to the generous philanthropists who contributed to Garvan’s fundraising for research.

The animations were divided into four themes that represented different aspects related to medical research and are described in more detail below. Briefly, theme one was a holding theme that was used as a spacer between the main animations and to allow for the audience to hear speeches and official ceremonies on the night without being distracted by animated projections. Theme two was a celebration of scientific data, where raw and authentic scientific data was animated to form patterns and representations. Theme three represented scientific data after it had been passed through a filter or interpreted through scientific storytelling. Theme four adopted an aesthetic that was characterised by traditional, hand drawn animation styles and where, unlike the previous themes, which were heavily generated by a computer with minimal human interference, the animations were populated with clear evidence of human involvement. The intention for theme four was to celebrate the scientists and also philanthropists who work hard to make research discoveries.

The animations featured as moving wallpaper for the entire evening from 5pm to 10pm. Each of the acts was projected and looped approximately 5-6 times before each rested on the holding theme for a short time, before then progressing to the next Act.


DURATION: Six animations (two projection points for each theme) each 7-12 minutes.

ROLE: Animator, producer and director

SOUND: Animations were accompanied by ambient dinner music throughout the event.

SOFTWARE: Autodesk Maya, Molecular Maya, Adobe After Effects with Red Giant Magic Bullet Looks, Mullumin (Video mapping for audio visual shows).

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