Cutting Cancer Loose



Cutting Cancer Loose is a biomedical animation created for both scientists to use in their outreach and peer-to-peer presentations, and also for general viewing online by a broad audience. The concepts illustrated in this animation centre around a new molecule and drug under investigation by the primary stakeholder and scientist who commissioned the work. This molecule (BOP) acts on molecules in the bone matrix, and has been shown to uncover cells that are hiding, or behaving in a sleeping state. This is particularly useful for inactive cancer cells that may ‘wake up’ years later and initiate a relapse. The animation includes the bone marrow environment, a blood vessel and details of the molecules at the interface of the bone matrix and a stem cell.  


DURATION: 2:49 minutes
ROLE: Animator, producer and director, narrator

SOUND: Broken Yellow

SOFTWARE: Autodesk Maya with Molecular Maya (a molecular structure plugin developed by Gael McGill at Digizyme). Compositing was carried out in After Effects with Red Giant Magic Looks suite.

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