I’m reading about storytelling in science

As a passionate advocate for the use of storytelling in science communication, I found the conversation between Alberto Cairo (@albertocairo) and Yarden Katz fascinating.

Although this was published in 2013 I only recently stumbled across it and the ideas remain relevant. Katz’s response to the original article by Martin Krzywinski (@MKrzywinski) and Alberto Cairo in Nature Methods gives some great perspective of how ‘storytelling’ can be interpreted or mis-interpreted. It is an example where preconceived ideas of what certain terms mean or should mean can influence one’s understanding. This is more obvious and perhaps more common when the terms are prevalent in every day language and also cross-disciplinary such as, in this case, ‘storytelling’.

Alberto Cairo’s response clarifies and expands on the idea of how and when science communication can lean on the tools used by the best storytellers to increase the reach and improve understanding.

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  1. Many thanks for bringing this debate to my attention Kate. As someone else who encourages the storytelling approach, this is a discussion Ive entered into many times. I even use to present a lecture called “Storytelling: Socratic or sociopathic?”. It’s great to see this being debated at this level.

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